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Aug. 2019 to Today

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Creation of Omega, a free open-source alternative OS for NumWorks graphing calculators based on Epsilon, the manufacturer's OS. A large community was then built around the project, becoming the number one alternative OS.


The Omega project, started in 2019, aims to improve the manufacturer's Epsilon OS. Omega very quickly became a must on NumWorks! Started alone, a dozen developers quickly joined the project.

Omega home screen

Discord Community

At the time of writing, the Omega server has 2650 members. This community, established in two languages (English and French), helps new members solve installation problems, and discuss the past and future of the project.

Open source at the heart of the project

Omega was born in the spirit that everyone can add the features they want to their calculator. Open source is therefore an essential component of the project.

For several months now, Omega has been taken over by another project, Upsilon. Based on the source code of Omega, it aims to push the creation even further.

Omega Website

A key part of the Omega project is its website. Built with React and Typescript, it allows users to quickly and automatically install Omega from their browser, without installing any third-party software on their computer.

Omega website screenshot
Omega website screenshot